The Antwerp - Banjul Challenge

The Antwerpen-Banjul challenge is an unsupported trip which aims to give as much money as possible for the team's chosen charities.

What does it mean by unsupported ?

That means that you are fully or partly appointed to yourself or co-challengers on the way. The challenge is to accomplish this gigantic trip without formal support from the outside. You have to accomplish the Challenge together with your teammates without the support of the organisation.

With what kind of car should be participated ?

The main rule of the game is to participate in a car that is still usuable in Gambia. Moreover, the vehicles must fulfil the legal requirements of the countries you are going through. You can choose your own car, recommended price 1000 euros.

Is this a speed driving challenge ?

Not at all. The goal is to get in Gambia with a good and useful vehicle.

Organizer of the challenge

Helping Hands vzw is a non-profit organization with the goal: the provision of material, financial and moral support to humanitarian projects mainly but not exclusively in Gambia, by organizing tours, challenges like this one with cars and motorcycles. We support the Gambian government and Jammeh Foundation For Peace (JFP) approved projects. The JFP is a foundation established in Gambia where the president is also patron. In collaboration with the JFP, all vehicles are brought into an auction. The auction will be issued within five days after arrival in Gambia. The proceeds are transferred to the JFP, by the riders, chosen projects.