Further finishing of a schoolhouse in Kerre - Serring

Previous Challenges bought a piece of land for the construction of a school and has now begun their construction. There are meetings with the parents of the children, the schoolmaster, the mayor and the elderly of the village where the plans and the future of the school are discussed to know their needs and how they can help. They are very pleased with the support and confidence that the school will be able to remain in their village. We still need 30,000 euros in order to finish the building.

In addition to 3 classes for the school there will also be a workshop where young people who are no longer able to go to school (for financial reasons) and who are not finding a job will be trained in sewing, batikken and woodworking. There is also a room where once a week a doctor and nurse can visit and help the sick villagers.

There will be room for placements for future teachers (from Belgium or the Netherlands) so that the quality of education can improve. More information: http://www.picca.be

The purpose of the project:

We believe that an improvement of the future of the children in Gambia, starts with education, and that is why we want to ensure that the quality of education in the schoolhouse in Kerre - Serring improves a lot. That widens the future for many children in this part of the world.

The Desert Lions