Gambia is located in West Africa, on the Atlantic Ocean. This former British colony is the smallest independent state in Africa. With over 11,000 square kilometers the country is about one fifth of the Netherlands and Belgium. Gambia is basically a long strip of land, criss-crossed by the same river. The country is barely wider than 35 kilometers, with the exception of the coastal strip, which is nearly 50 miles wide. From the far west to the eastern border Gambia is over 320 kilometers long. Gambia is enclosed on three sides by Senegal. Senegal is more than seventeen times bigger than Gambia. There are close ties between the two countries. Gambia has over one million inhabitants. Despite that Gambia starts to become more popular among tourists (including, unfortunately, a lot of sex-tourists), Gambia remains one of the poorest countries of Africa. There isn't hardly money for education. It is a beautiful country with a friendly population.

They call it "the land of smile"

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Start 'Waalse Kaai' in Antwerp.
After spending a night in the middle of France we are heading for Spain.
Gathering and stay in hotel Las Camelias in Sotogrande (Spain).
Crossing to the African continent. From Ceuta in Morocco to Rabat.
Arrival in Marrakech.
A day off.
Departure from Marrakesh to Agadir.
Departure to Laâyoune.
Departure to the meeting, a camp in Dakhla.
Last restday in Dakhla.
Borderpassage Morocco-Mauritania. Overnight on camping ABBA and assembly in Nouâdhibou.
Journey throug the Sahara (National Park Nouâmghâr), with night in the desert.
Continuation of day 12 with a re-ride through the Sahara and an overnight stay.
Last part of the Sahara and arriving in the last big place in Mauritania, Nouakchott.
Via Rosso to the border town Diama. Overnight and meeting on camping Zebrabar in Senegal.
A day off on camping Zebrabar.
Departure to Dakar with overnight on camping Lac Rose at Dakar.
A day off.
Departure direction Banjul in Gambia.
Arrival in Banjul, stay on Equator Lodge in Kartong (finish)
Closed and donating cars to charity of our choice.

Some impressions of our journey: