The Team for the Gambia challenge 2008

Eight persons, three couples and a maleduo will make the 2008 challenge (4 vehicles).

We undertake a HUMANITARIAN and adventurous mission by car to Gambia in Africa. The trip departs from Antwerp, through France and Spain, across the Sahara, Morocco and Mauritania via Dakar in Senegal, in order to arrive in Banjul the capital of Gambia after ±7000 km.

A journey full of excitement, team spirit and social engagement. The goods whe brought along will be distributed to the local population. Upon arrival, the cars with full equipment will be sold by auction. We ensure that your support directly and unconditionally will be converted into the much-needed help for the poorest. All this will be controled by the non-profit organisation Helping Hands.

What do we want? First of all your attention.

We want you to be aware of the projects in Gambia. In addition to the construction of a school, there are projects that we want to bring to your attention.